Dating a mogul

I consider myself to be a powerful woman. Even after my ex left, I went to work the next day. Picked up my son from school, cooked dinner, business as usual. I can't afford to stop because he couldn't hang.

Hate to sound cruel but I believe that the cruise must go on no matter who doesn't make the boat. My son depends on me, no matter what. I must make money, no matter what.

I noticed in my new dating escapades, that some men find it intimidating that I am a strong-willed businesswoman. I'm not just a single mother dating(which already makes it hard) but I am also a powerful woman dating.

My brother told me that I appear cold, too reserved. He told me that I probably scare them away with my constraints and hectic schedule. So when I have relationships, it seems that I neglect their needs because it's hard to fit that man into my schedule.
What do you do when you seem too big for that man?

I don't want a man to feel useless around me. When I'm in a relationship, I try my hardest to address the needs of that relationship. Sometimes men don't want to commit to a woman that seems too busy. I have my own business and I have my own family, I will try my hardest to fit love into the equation.

Even though love is what I want, that part of my life is on hold until I can find a man that will understand all of my needs.